Mr. Michel Susai

Mr. Susai founded his first company, NetScaler, in 1997. NetScaler makes application appliances to handle tasks like load balancing, content caching and remote access functionality, along with optimizing delivery of custom web applications. It’s been estimated that around 75% of Internet users have interacted with NetScaler’s applications every day. In 2005, NetScaler was sold to Citrix for $300 million, and following this, Mr. Susai went on to found another company called NeoAccel. NeoAccel is a multinational company that sells computer network security products. NeoAccel’s main product is SSL VPN-Plus, which is thought to be the fastest VPN that’s available. With the backing of leading investors, NeoAccel aims to “Secure Everything”, or provide secure access from anywhere to anything. In 2011 NeoAccel was acquired by VMWare, and these successes are a testament to both Mr. Susai’s technical prowess and entrepreneurial ability.